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When:July 25 - 27, 2003
Where:Bristol, TN

This years meet will be held in Gatlinburg Tennessee and it's surrounding area. The meet will start Friday evening with a welcome party in the ballroom of the host hotel, The Quality Inn Creekside Resort. Saturday morning will take us to the NASCAR Cafe in Sevierville where our show will take place, they will be providing ample parking for the H/O's. A buffet dinner will follow in the ballroom of the host hotel at 6:30 that night. Sunday morning will be the farewell breakfast and a trip to the Bristol Motor Speedway. You MUST have your registration packets prior to the Bristol event or you will NOT be allowed on the grounds. This event is for H/OCA registered guests only. EACH DRIVER must have a gate pass for EACH set of parade laps the want to drive. (See registration form.)

(Following pic's courtesy of Joe Fotchky)

(Bristol Motor Speedway)

Thanks to everyone who attended the meet to help make it a special event. To those who could not attend we are sorry you missed it, but stay tuned for some info on the 2004 National Meet in Indianapolis, IN at the Speedway!