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Title: Hit the road Jack! Directions to the hotel
Post by: robert lewczak on June 23, 2013, 10:20:42 PM
In Florida, all roads lead to Disney. As long as those roads are either the I-10 if you're coming from the west, and I-75 or I-95 if you're coming from the north or south. Wherever you are coming from, those are the main roads to get you to the hotel. I will concentrate on getting there from out of state here. People from the west using the I-10 will turn south at I-75 for about 100 miles. I-75 will turn off to the turnpike, and you will take it for about 80 more miles to I-4. From I-95, it will go directly to I-4 as well. With Both routes will make a turn onto westbound I-4. From 95, it's about an 80 mile drive, from the turnpike, about an 8 mile drive. Take exit 67 north (right) which is Epcot Center Dr. Stay on that road for about 1.5 miles and make a left onto E Buena Vista Dr. Take that road for about 2 miles, and the Coronado springs resort will be on your right side. Anyone taking the Auto train will be deposited just off the I-4, east of the turnpike, and you will also go west.

These are the easiest routes with the least roads used. If you go to AAA.com and use their trip advisor, they will give you a slightly shorter route, but I could not copy it to this link.  It is a little shorter, but has some additional roads listed. As you look at the map, at the upper left is a panel called "show" that will let you take out all the hotel icons and such for easier viewing. You can also zoom in for a close up of the exits.

Old Towne is on state road 192 which is exit 64 off of the I-4. It is about 3 miles west of the 67 exit, and you will go south (left) on exiting about 2 miles. Epcot is our neighbor, the magic kingdom is a couple miles away. Universal Studios is just East of the I-4/Turnpike intersection.

OK, I hope that helps all those out there who don't live tied to their GPS's. Or am I the last one? I will have maps at the show for everyone listing a local supermarket, a Walmart, and a Target store so that you can stock up on things you might need. Bug spray is a good thing to bring, and sun tan lotion. A pop up canopy, gas generator and hurricane force fans are a good consideration as well. I plan on being there late Tuesday.

Drive safe, and have a trouble free trip. Enjoy yourselves while here. I will be seeing you all soon. Robert.
Title: Re: Hit the road Jack! Directions to the hotel
Post by: Ron.Krier on June 24, 2013, 03:23:24 PM
Rob your a month late on this information!  This would have been nice to know back in January or February.  There are no signs for places to figure out where to park the truck & trailer or where we were located for the week.  Uff Duhh!!   ???
Title: Re: Hit the road Jack! Directions to the hotel
Post by: robert lewczak on June 25, 2013, 12:05:34 AM
It is amazing. The meet always seems so far off, and then, bang, it's here. This was something I had thought abot doing, and it seems like such an archaic thing now with the era of the smart phone. I don't have one, and really don't want one. I tend to drive by the seat of my pants, and trust in reading a map. One one trip back home, I even drove by feel.