16th Annual National Hurst/Olds Day

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When: Saturday - May 16th, 2015 - More details to follow
Where: Various Locations
H/O Day Contact: Waverlyn Karch - plumcrazywave@yahoo.com

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We've got the date...You've got the car...now we need the place!

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all the members that planned and hosted a 2014 H/O Day. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in keeping the Hurst/Olds alive and well!

Do you realize what year 2015 represents to for the National Hurst/Olds Day? It's the 16th Anniversary of celebrating H/O Day and our wonderful cars! Wave your flag and burn some rubber! It's party time!
Where Who Contact Details
Chicago / N.W. Indiana areaPaul Panczuk & Jeff MeisterPaul - paulpanczuk@yahoo.com
Jeff - bigtime5@comcast.net
Click Here for Details
Louisiana - CovingtonStephen Lucia & Andrew Duheluciasmi@hotmail.com Click Here for Details
Pennsylvania - Downingtown areaDeleware Valley Olds Clubdvocinfo@yahoo.com Click Here for Details

What is the 'National Hurst/Olds Day', other than it being a celebration of the Hurst/Olds it is planned event to meet new H/O owners/fans and to have fun. Basically it's an informal meeting of H/O's in targeted locations in the U.S. for members & non-members, so those who feel they can't make it to the Nationals because of location, it's a plan to bring a H/O celebration to your area. Just show up with your H/O no matter what condition it is in and meet fellow H/O members/owners/fans. If by chance your H/O is not running at the moment please feel free to show up anyway, this could be a good way to share information with fellow H/O owners in your area.
In exchange for your efforts all hosts are recognized at the Annual national meet. First time hosts are presented an "H/O Day Host" patch to wear on your jacket. Repeat hosts will receive a "Host Certificate". And all of you will be appreciated by those that participate.
Are you interested in hosting the next National Hurst/Olds Day in your town? We are looking for new hosts in new areas of the country, could it be you? And we are looking forward to having our fellow members that have hosted it in the past continue with a great tradition. Contact Waverlyn Karch, plumcrazywave@yahoo.com with any plans if you would like to become a host.