11th Annual National Hurst/Olds Day

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When:Saturday May 22, 2010
Where:Various Locations

What is the 'National Hurst/Olds Day', other than it being a celebration of the Hurst/Olds it is planned event to meet new H/O owners/fans and to have fun. Basically it's an informal meeting of H/O's in targeted locations in the U.S. for members & non-members, so those who feel they can't make it to the Nationals because of location, it's a plan to bring a H/O celebration to your area. Just show up with your H/O no matter what condition it is in and meet fellow H/O members/owners/fans. If by chance your H/O is not running at the moment please feel free to show up anyway, this could be a good way to share information with fellow H/O owners in your area.
If you have any photo's of the 2010 H/O day held in your area, please send them along and we'll post them here...

Louisiana - Covington, LA
Photo's by Andew Duhe

Pennsylvania / DVOC - Malvern, PA
Photo's by Frank Cali

Photo's by Tom Aukzemas

Illinois - Augustino's - West Chicago, IL
Photo's by Jeff Meister

Photo's by Kevin Fisher